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  Grotto M.O.V.P.E.R.   

The Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm, (M.O.V.P.E.R.) whose subordinate bodies are the Grottoes, is an organization by and for Master Masons. While in no way connected with Masonry proper, its membership is restricted absolutely and exclusively to Master Masons in good standing. Although it is primarily an organization for good wholesome fun and frolic, it also has its serious side. Its slogan is GOOD FELLOWSHIP, and in contact with our fellowman, this principle is exemplified to a marked degree. 

For some years prior to 1889, several members of Hamilton Lodge N0. 120, F.& A.M., at Hamilton, New York, sought relaxation from the sterner duties of life by holding occasional informal meetings for fun and good fellowship. The chief spirit in the fun was LeRoy Fairchild, and in the summer of 1889, he and a devoted band of followers discovered the Enchanted Realm in which, upon entering with song and laughter, they and their successors have found a rich heritage. The first meeting of this organization was held on the 10th day of September, 1889, and it was named for the leader, the "Fairchild Deviltry Committee." It was decided at this first meeting that the membership of the organization should be confined to Master Masons in good standing. The idea of the Order proved immediately attractive. Many distinguished Masons entered the Enchanted Realm and returned pleased and charmed by its brilliancy. The Order could no longer be confined to one locality and in reponse to imperitive requests that were not to be denied, on the 13th of June, 1890, the "F.D.C." duly founded and established the Supreme Council of the Mystic Order of Veiled Prohets of the Enchanted Realm. 


It is a social organization for the Master Mason and all such are welcome to our Enchanted Realm. It encourages renewed interest in the Blue Lodge Field, its activities and attendance. While it is not and makes no claim to be a part of Symbolic Craft Masonry, we ever bear in mind that our membership is composed entirely of Master Masons. 

The ritual is original and unique. The spectacular ceremonial requires a cast of thirty (30) or more and offers unlimited opportunities in stage activities and stunt performance. Its proper rendition requires a large stage, elaborate costumes, and stage settings. It is mysterious, startling and spectacular with a Persian atmosphere. While pervaded with a spirit of wholesome fun, it teaches a serious lesson which lingers with the initiate, instilling in him a spirit of optimism, a kindly feeling for his brother man, and an impression of GOOD FELLOWSHIP, which is something devoutly to be desired. 

That the Grotto occupies a legitimate place and is doing a wonderful work cannot be denied. It extends the hand of Good Fellowship to all Master Masons, having a smile for all and a frown for none. 


Some of the many privileges of being a Grotto Member 

An open sesame for fun and a fuller life for the whole family, including enjoyment of beautiful ceremonials, installations, circus events, family picnics, pilgrimages to near and far places, football and baseball games, plus big parades. 

The opportunity to meet with your fellow Prophets - many of whom are professional, business, and civic leaders - and to make lasting friendships. 

Being a Grotto member enables you the opportunity of sharing in two great humanitarian projects - Cerebral Palsy Research and Dentistry for the Handicapped. Every Master Mason, because he is eligible to become a member of the Grotto, can join in the humanitarian work which the Grotto is so fervently sponsoring. 

The right to associate yourself with other Grottoes - one of which is near your home. To participate in such social affairs as theatre parties, dinner dances, nights at the races, sweetheart dances, and local functions. 

The right to wear the Grotto Fez and Grotto Pin, identifying yourself as a member of the Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm - also known as the Grottoes of North America - the greatest fraternal order a Master Mason can join. 

A welcome to visit any of the Grottoes throughout the United States and Canada. Thousands of Prophets are proud to wear the Black Fez and Mokanna pin. 

The Grotto gives you the privilege of joining many units - clowns, bands, pipe bands, horse units, marching units, cast, string bands, motor patrol, drum corps, and choral groups. 

Belonging to the Grotto gives you the opportunity of wearing a colorful uniform and permits you the privilege of participating in Grotto parades. 

Prophets have reached the zenith of attainment when they have learned to express their principles of Masonry as "doing good for others." 


Are you eligible for membership in the Grotto? 

You qualify for membership in the Grotto when you become a Master Mason. 

If you are not now a Mason but would like to become one, express your desire to one of the friendly Prophets of a Grotto (all Prophets are Master Masons). He can help you to secure a petition for joining the Masonic Lodge near your home. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ASK! 

All Grottoes hold at least two full form ceremonials every year. These ceremonials are for the purpose of accepting neophytes and creating Prophets in the Grotto. 

You should have no difficulty in finding sponsors, as there are thousands of Prophets in the Realm. All are members of Blue Lodges and many, in all probability, of the Lodge to which you belong. 

This is your opportunity to unite with fine men from all walks of life, to have your family enjoy with you many happy hours of fabulous fun, to add many social engagements to your family calendar, and to make a host of new and lasting friends. 



The man who comes to the Grotto had his Masonic origin in a Blue Lodge, where he was taught to reverence the name of GOD, and to pray for guidance. He came on through the Degrees where his knowledge of the dignity of Masonry was expanded, and the GROTTO was provided for him as a place where he might join with his Brothers in letting human instincts for fun, pleasure, and amusement have sway. 

The GROTTO was not and is not given to Masons as a place for exercising practices that would not be tolerated in the Masonic Bodies, or which are taboo among gentlemen. The GROTTO stands for all of Masonry and for wholesomeness in life. It stands for letting in the sunshine on discouragement, grief, and woe, it would substitute hope for despair at all times. 

Without the formalities that attend the Degrees in Masonry, it brings members in close fraternal touch, and it breeds confidence between wearers of the FEZ. The Grotto has always been made up of men in every community, men whom you are glad to know, men who travel by preference on the sunny side of the street, and who play a fair game all the time. They hit the ball hard in business and pleasure, but they know when the brakes should be applied. They sow in kindness, to reap in FRIENDSHIP and GOOD FELLOWSHIP. The Grotto is the playground for Master Masons. When playtime is over there, we go back to the world as MASONS, charged to maintain a "Good Report" among our fellows. 

Membership in the GROTTO gives us the right to wear its emblem and to participate in its good works as well as its pleasures. It give us an opportunity to know the finest fellows on earth, and we should guard well this privilege.


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